Ipfs migrate in a private network

Hi, everyone!

I’m studying about IPFS to implement in many workstations.
How can I use the ipfs daemon - - migrate=true inside a private network?

We are using the swarm key gen to set the private network and our Bootstrap was configured with our private network too.
The ipfs cluster will be used too.

So, anyone could help me with this?


It should “just work”. We don’t currently distribute migrations over IPFS (although I’d like to but we’ll have to keep this in mind). Is it not working?

Hi Stebalien,

I didn’t try yet. It was a doubt that I have, because we are defining the our solution before started the real project.

I will try use the tools to update the ipfs in a private network.
I will report here when it works.


Second time I’ve heard the term “dogfood”? What does it mean?