IPFS node discoverability behind Argo Tunnel

Hi IPFS community.

I’m running an IPFS node in a container behind a Cloudflare Argo tunnel. I’m using a Caddy server to as a reverse proxy to add authentication to the webUI and to expose port 5001 (/ipfs, /webui, /api), 8080 (/gateway), and 4001 (/swam, /p2p) to the internet through my tunnel so I don’t have to mess with a bunch of firewall and network settings on my machine.

My node currently is fully functional and I’m able to access my Gateway just fine. I also can see that I have plenty of peers I am connected to via outbound connections. However, because I don’t expose any ports directly to the internet, I have no inbound peers.

The github repo with my setup is available here if anyone want’s to see how I set up IPFS with Caddy.

Does anybody know if it is possible to announce to the network that my node is available at a given URL (i.e. can I announce my node’s p2p api is discoverable at www.example.com/swarm/)?

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Same question for me.