IPFS on 4g network

Hi Guys,

I am building an app to share files and photos.
Everything goes well in wifi network.
However, lots of apis doesn’t work in 4g network.
4g network I am using is China Mobile LTE network.
pubsub, swarm, and even get/add file doesn’t work.

So the question here is does it support 4g network?
And what kind of network does it support usually?


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Cool, let’s have a talk

add me wechat:mgr9525

Never had this problem. Wanna talk?

Resolved.The 0.5.0-dev version cannot penetrate 4G, so it needs to be downgraded to 0.4.23 release

This is pretty unexpected - can you tell us why you think that 0.5.0-dev doesn’t work on 4G? We’d like to try to reproduce your conditions in our tests!