IPFS over other transport protocols

I am a telecom protocol developer and am developing experimental wireless networks for low cost digital libraries in rural communities. I want to use IPFS in my network, but it designed to be a uni-directional transport with a small high latency backchannel so TCP isn’t very efficient. There are a ton of use cases, like PubSub that can be done more efficiently than with TCP. In 3GPP we have FLUTE that comes with features like FEC/Repair service/Multicast that are more “centralized” architectures, but scale much better in common star toplogy wireless networks. There is are other such protocols such as NORM, MQTT-SN.

What would need to change to support the use of other transports and is there interest in such efforts?

You would need to provide a new transport for libp2p.

There’s an ongoing effort right now in libp2p to refactor some of this and make it easier/possible to support extra transports like QUIC. @stebalien can brief you on that (I don’t know all the details).