Ipfs pin rm takes forever (never seems to finish)

Hey everyone. I have a quite large repo running on a Raspberry PI 3 running Raspbian. About 22GB and over 100,000 files. All pinned. When I try to remove one file. About 500MB in size. The pin rm command just hangs. Never returns it seems after hours of waiting. Any suggestions? I know the PI is not very powerful but I do not see why this takes so long.

IPFS Version 0.4.14

EDIT: Also the repo is stored over NFS. If that means anything. Also I have just looked at some bandwidth usage. It appears its reading lots of data from the NFS share. I may have answered my own question… Its just taking forever because its “searching” through the whole repo using the Pi’s slow networking?

The Raspberry Pi 3 is almost certainly your problem. Sounds like you’re just doing too much for the arm processor to handle. I would suggest trying to use a new device that is more powerful.

In addition to the slow arm processor and network overhead due to storing the repo on a NFS share, very large pin sets are currently pretty inefficient to work with (example).