IPFS Pin Sync - Migrate your CIDs to a new provider in seconds

IPFS Pin Sync is a client-side tool that allows users to sync CIDs from one IPFS pinning service to another.

IPFS Pin Sync is available for use as an HTTP webpage, or through publication on IPFS, allowing it to be run from any IPFS node. By default, IPFS Pin Sync is configured to sync CIDs from Pinata to Filebase.

Read below to learn how to use the IPFS Pin Sync tool to synchronize CIDs from another pinning service to Filebase.


This is an open source application and the code can be found here: GitHub - filebase/ipfs-pin-sync: WebUI to Sync IPFS Pinning Service Providers


Make switch to use local node as source - /ip4/ endpoint


This will be incredibly useful for people Iā€™m sure. Thanks for building this!!

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