IPFS pinning as a service: lndrive.space


I recently created a service to pin files on IPFS using lightning as payment.
Feel free to check it out: https://lndrive.space

If you’ve got any questions I’m happy to answer them.

Couple tips:

  1. Add a Privacy Policy
  2. Add a Terms and Service
  3. Add a DCMA Policy

Whenever you’re running a service that involves being paid to host data, you need to have these things. Otherwise, there’s no clear description of what you’re doing with the data people upload. Yes IPFS is decentralized, but hosting data has obligations that must be met regardless of whatever data storage technology you’re using.

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Thanks for the tip. Will add those.

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No problem! You might also want to add something that indicates how much you charge per GB or whatever your data storage charges are.

Yeah, I’ll probably add an about page where I’ll list these things.
The algorithm to calculate the price is currently following: ((filesize * days) * 2) / 1000000 .
filesize is in bytes. Lower bound of the price is 20 satoshi.

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