IPFS PubSub not working properly

Hello, folks!
Right now I am working on PubSub chat for my application and as I go further it starts to break…
Actually, today I borrowed my friend’s mac for testing and I saw, that when I use:

jsipfs sub foo
jsipfs pub foo "Hello"```

it doesn't show up in my friends IPFS even when we were having same wi-fi network connection.

```jsipfs swarm peers```

shows lot of peers around, so I don't think that it could be caused by router or something else.
I am using js-ipfs 0.26.0 and js-pubsub-room also.

It is still actual for me, because I am using same structure as in screencasts and is not working properly

After doing some research I found out, that the problem is in js-ipfs. Seems like it is not working proper way. I want to update it to version 0.27.0, but I don’t know if the issue is solved.

Successfully updated to js-ipfs 0.27.0, but nothing changed. Looks like there is an issue due to pubsub at all. I am subbing to the same channel from two laptops, which are both connected to the same network and they are unable to see each other and even more interesting is that laptops get different list of peers, when using
ipfs pubsub peers

Try the ipfs-go binary, that’s what most people are using for the most recent features like pubsub.