IPFS System Breaks Data Directory Moved to New Location

Everything works fine on my IPFS Desktop until i moved the directory from my SSD card (default C:) to a bigger hard disk D: as i’ve decided to host my node on a bigger drive.

i copy & pasted the .ipfs directory to d:\ . When i restarted my IPFS Desktop, all files info are gone (about 4Gb)

Worst of it, i can’t use the Command Line properly.

And couldn’t perform name publish to IPNS now.

I’ve tried uninstall/reinstall but i can only get my IPFS Desktop running from scratch.

Any help to restore my Command Line would be highly appreciated!

Moving the directory isn’t enough.

The issue right now is that IPFS doesn’t know you moved it and keep searching at the old location.

You also need to tell IPFS that you moved it’s repository.

You have 2 way of doing this:

  • symlink you create a symlink in the old location to the new one, IPFS will still search at the old location however then your system is gonna redirect IPFS to the correct one.
  • IPFS_PATH recomanded in most cases you can set the environment variable to the new location. On linux I would do: export IPFS_PATH="/mnt/storage_ssd/ipfs" for example, I don’t know windows so you will need to google something along of “windows edit environment variable”.

searched register & directory but couldn’t found anything like “IPFS_PATH”…i’m not one who’s sophisticated enough.

Anyway, next question.

After the data migration, i couldn’t perform ipfs name publish - “Error: merkledag: not found”. Any help regarding this?