How to change the storage location

I just installed IPFS Desktop on two Ubuntu machines. By using the AppImage it installed at my home directory. However, I have an nearly empty 4TB USB drive attached to the machine and would be more comfortable to use from there 100 GB instead from my home directory 10GB.

IPFS Desktop let me change the settings directly. I believe I need to change in the section “Datastore”.

I want that the data will be stored at:

Please guide me!

Hello! If you’d like to change your datastore location, you can do so with this command:

ipfs config Datastore.Path <newpath>

Additionally, you can change the path of your entire .ipfs directory by setting the IPFS_PATH environment variable. You can find more information in the docs here. Good luck! :slight_smile:

It does not work in the way you suggest ;-(

ipfs is not a command in the path
I use ipfs-desktop.

I did find something in the directory ~/.ipfs-desktop there is a file called IPFS_PATH and this one includes:

Would it help if I move the entire directory ?
mv /home/user/.ipfs /IPFS
and change the in ~/.ipfs-desktop/IPFS_PATH to:


Ah yes, ipfs-desktop doesn’t necessarily put go-ipfs in the PATH.

If you’re looking to move your IPFS store to /IPFS that looks like it’d do the trick :slight_smile: .

Well, it was again wrong. Now my node is gone!!!

I backed up first and after restoring it as it was I get the info Could not connect to the IPFS API

How can I get it up again???

You can always get back to your original state by moving the directory back to /home/user/.ipfs, and editing your ~/.ipfs-desktop/IPFS_PATH file back to that path as well. There’s no reason for the node to be “gone” as you’re not deleting anything.