Change Local Storage on Ubuntu for IPFS Desktop

This is driving me nuts!

I need to change drives to a bigger drive. Seems to default to ~/.ipfs
How do I move this to say… media/username/DriveName/ipfs.

NO… there is no “menu” to select move repository… not on ubuntu desktop version.
There is a config file that is not humanly readable or understandable… and no ~/.ipfs to hook into mentally.

No… don’t point me to something called “change your repository” since that does not change the path…

So how do I do it? Why is this so hard… ahhhh… :slight_smile:

in your ipfs root directory there will be a directory called “blocks.”
using all due caution, move this directory wherever you want and put a symlink to that location in its place.
for example,
cp -rp ./blocks /path/where/I/want/blocks
mv ./blocks ./blocks_old_delete_if_move_succeeded
ln -s /path/where/I/want/blocks ./blocks

Thanks. That was my backup plan… is that really the best way.

There are docs: Move an IPFS installation | IPFS Docs

That doc is what I talked about. It should be called how to restore a backup… not how to move it.

Sooo… the solution is that there is an icon in the system tray… THAT has the menu to move the repository. So I’m all set. too bad this was non obvious.