IPFS to end Putin's War

Disclaimer: AFAIK the ipfs project has no political stance on any armed conflict. All sides taken in the Ukrainian war are a statement of my own political opinion, not that of the ipfs developers or community in general.

I am creating a distribution for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W with the intended use being a source of truth for independent soldiers contributing to defence of countries that are under invasion and have to use guerilla warfare.

The MVP is streaming public Ukranian radio stations that are available online to an ipfs directory that can be accessed by all endpoints. Radio content and OS updates will be distributed via ipfs.

Putin is using confusion as a weapon. Ukrainians and Russians need to have an inexpensive radio that is only broadcast to from trusted sources that explain the state of the conflict without Putin’s intended bias.

Our base assumption is that Ukrainian radio stations are unbiased until Putin’s aggression ends.

You can join the project by contributing to gh repo galeonen/radio--
See issues to find out how to contribute.

The Sunflower Rebellion

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