IPFS video latency in Australia

I posted a video on my blog

Users in Australia are telling me that it is not playing very well.

The site is anzacathon.com

Does the ipfs io mechanism include any servers in Australia and Asia-Pacific?

Do I need to include the js-ipfs Javascript client in my web sites or is there anything else I need to include to make this work well?

I’m not sure what you’re asking…

IPFS is a world wide network which provides fast lookup of locations based on the content of data. Obviously there are plenty of nodes all over the world.

The question is more: Where is your data provided to the network? :slight_smile:

If your users don’t run an IPFS client, they won’t help in distributing on their continent, but instead you have to provide the data for all users.

The gateway under ipfs.io is meant for convience and testing, not to distibute large data in a timely manner. Don’t rely on that like this. :slight_smile: