IPFS Zeroconf/Bonjour discovery

Hallo, I run a few IPFS nodes locally and noticed IPFS won’t necessarily locate and connect to other nodes on the local subnet. I wrote a little utility that will announce on the local subnet via Bonjour and then connect to other nodes it finds.

Hi @nboeger,

I’m trying to test out ipfs-zeroconf but I get the following:

$ go get -v github.com/nboeger/ipfs-zeroconf                                                  
package crypto/ed25519: unrecognized import path "crypto/ed25519" (import path does not begin with hostname)       

I’m running Ubuntu 19.20 with Go installed using apt. Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Well, go-ipfs supports mDNS out of the box, what’s the reason that this isn’t working for you in the first place, @nboeger?

@mcamou sounds like one of the recent updates broke the compability :thinking:

Sorry, just saw this. Strange I just pulled and built it (I’m running similar ubuntu version). I’ll look into it.

Found out why, you need to have go v1.13 or higher. Update your golang and it should work.

@RubenKelevra I have several rasbperry pi nodes running ipfs and they would never find each other on the local network. Even after weeks of running and I had to manually add them. I wrote this to help with that.