IpfsCloud: A Decentralised Cloud Storage Platform


A Decentralised Cloud Storage Platform.(http://ipfscloud.store/)

How to use

  1. Install Metamask extension for your respective browser and create an account.
  2. Start uploading files.


  1. Uses metamask for account creation, so it allows comparatively better anonymity that traditional cloud platforms.
  2. Uploading files from local storage.
  3. Unlimited storage(for now).
  4. Free storage.
  5. Sharing files via email and publicKey.

Up Coming Features

  1. Support for adding folders.
  2. Support for adding files.
  3. Support for uploading files from a URL.
  4. Sync with your mobile device.
  5. Better UI.
    Any feature that you may suggest in the comments.

Contribute to the project

Contribute and raise a PR here or connect with me at vasa@towardsblockchain.com to drop suggestions on the project.

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IpfsCloud: Major Update, Alpha is out

Check out the new interface for IpfsCloud: http://ipfscloud.store.
Know more here: http://clusterlabs.io/#projects