IpfsCloud tech Update 1: Anonymous Auth and New UI

As mentioned in our previous post in which we introduced the world to IpfsCloud and showed how to use it, its existing features and a roadmap. You can check it out here:

Today we completed a few of the things in our roadmap:

  • Adding anonymous authentication without using Metamask. (Also we added google accounts authentication) If you still want to use the Metamask for your account management, then head to eth.ipfscloud.store.

  • Brushed up the UI a little bit.

In a few days we will be launching out IpfsCloud android app so that you can sync all of your data across all of your devices.

If you are interested in being our very first users and want to check out the app before it hits the playstore then sign-up for our beta testing program here: https://goo.gl/forms/Z9g3BVZrISV1gW8M2