IPLD and PGP keys

PGP keys are another popular form of commonly content-addressed data, where the key fingerprint is the CID (hash over just the basic parts of the key, not the whole mutable certificate).

Would it make sense for IPLD CIDs to be able to wrap OpenPGP key fingerprints to reference the keys that way?

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This could be used to reference the public key itself but not the rest of the key (immutability is a hard requirement).

We could treat PGP keys as IPRS (the generalized successor to IPNS that doesn’t exist yet) records but that’s a ways off.

Of course. Enough to verify signatures by that key, but not enough to discover any of the rest of the certificate (UIDs, subkeys, etc)

The tricky part there would be subkeys as the CID would only point to the root.