IPNS offline when turn off computer. How to keep daemon online all the time?

Hi, I published my IPNS to points to an IPFS CID on Pinata.cloud. It works fine but slow until I turn off my computer (ipfs daemon stops running). The gateway url of my IPN won’t resolve.

How can I keep my IPNS pointing to my IPFS CID without having to keep running the daemon on my computer all the time? Thanks

When you publish a new IPNS record you can set the lifetime I usually set mine to ~6 months.

The problem is that if your the only one with this record and you go offline it’s a no go.

What you need is an IPFS node that will resolve your IPNS address and keep the record.

For example, I use 2 IPFS nodes, one for IPNS address publishing and dev stuff and another for storage (this one stay online.). On the storage one I just do ipfs name resolve <IPNSADDRESS> and it keep serving the record.