Is there a place to announce data available on IPFS

Is there anywhere that people can list data available on IPFS? I’m thinking of something like academic torrents

2 Likes lists a lot of useful data/applications available on IPFS.

You can suggest new items on github:

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I think what you’re looking for is Collaborative Clusters, which uses ipfs-cluster-follow to have people make the collaborative clusters more widely available.


Thanks. That’s what I was looking for. I’ve been looking into using IPFS for AI datasets and models and I might just put together a specific page for it and submit that to the awesome list. It’s disturbing how many AI models are made available on a yandes/baidu/gdrive/dropbox. All that’s needed is the person close their account or stop paying for hosting, a company retire the service or change the terms and poof! all that stuff is gone. Also the immutability of IPFS is perfect. That data is not changing and never will and you don’t want it to but I rarely even see anyone distribute hashes with them to check. Did someone run through the images and run a filter? Crop them? Remove some images? Who knows?


But the files can also disappear from IPFS unless there’s a node somewhere that has them pinned. So IPFS doesn’t solve your long-term availability.

No, but the current situation doesn’t allow for multiple copies. Just because something doesn’t completely solve a problem doesn’t mean that it’s not better than the current solution.

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I didn’t mean to imply that it was a bad idea, just pointing out the misleading implication that it protects against “all that’s needed…”. The immutability is certainly good, and multiple copies is certainly supported by IPFS, but only if you have multiple nodes cooperating in the pinning of the content.

There was no “misleading implication” but you are quoting me out of context with “all that’s needed…” is. I’m well aware of how IPFS works and what it provides.


Worth noting: is an open-source company developping an open-source tool to collaborate on datasets on IPFS, including version management.

It might or might not be useful to you, but I think it’s worth having a look.


@Akita Thank you I seem to recall having looked at Qui before but from the look of their website they’ve come a long way since last time I looked. Thank you.

I was also thinking that IPFS would be a nice way to distribute resources from sdkman

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