Is there a sneaky way to add a database to ifps websites?

Hello,I was talking to a web designer, someone who advertises his services as a pro related to ipfs sites.He mentioned that one could make a static page and then from the front page, index.html, you could send people to another clearnet server that way the access to the site would be true decentralized ifps but with the backend working in the clearnet.Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I figured here was the perfect palce to ask.Thanks

You can from a webpage loaded over IPFS use fetch javascript function to do requests to other websites.
So in theory you can do what you describe (reach to a backend on a server somewhere), however the problem here is the value brought to you by IPFS.

Depending on how you design you application the backend could have lots of power over the front end, you could also design it the other way around, so the backend can’t do much.
Then it depends how much on the decentralisation spectrum your app is gonna be.

Ok thanks that is what I thought, but then to take it a step further , if you wanted the censorship resistance of a ipfs page but with the added useability what kinds of ways could you hide that the index page was sending traffic to an outside server? Send everything through a custom vpn or use some encryption? Im trying to image how possible it is,I was also exploring lok net new but it seems that this is not a mature technology, it does not really work so ifps with some special tricks is what I am thinking.