Is there a way to unmount

There doesn’t appear to be a way to unmount. Am I missing something?

I was also wondering what’s the difference between starting the daemon with ipfs daemon --mount and just starting the daemon with ipfs daemon & and then running ipfs mount. For some reason the daemon keep crashing when I run its with the --mount argument with a failure to resolve some ipns although I didn’t have that problem the last time I went to run it.

You can use the umount command in your system (unless it’s windows, in which case I have no idea).

There should not be a difference. What you see is probably a race condition. I think there might be an issue about it, but if you cannot find it, open one please!

I should have thought about that. For some reason I expected there to be an ipfs unmount command. I wasn’t thinking. I’ll poke around to see if I can find what’s causing the problem but there’s definitely something going on there.


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