Is there an AWS S3 compatible IPFS Browser?

I want to migrate my iDrive content to IPFS, is there an easy way to do this?

Title says s3, body says iDrive. Anyway, there are a number of plugins/modules available that enable s3 migration onto ipfs. Really a matter of whether you’re using go-ipfs or ipfs-js implementation. A simple ddg search ‘s3 ipfs’ and the top 5 links reveal these. Not sure what you mean by ipfs browser, but my guess is a simple ui with a pluggable transport/storage option without much backend user configuration, which you will not find.

Take a look at Filebase - S3-Compatible API which integrates with IPFS.

You could easily RClone from iDrive to a Filebase bucket and get back IPFS CIDs in seconds.