Is there any way to hide ipfs addresses without using ipns?

For practical purposes, we do not want to use ipfs addresses, as it is important that the files can be erased.
However, ipns is currently very slow.
Is there any way to hide the ipfs address without using ipns?

IPNS does not hide the CID.
You can do ipfs name resolve ... to find the CID (which the gateway do under the hood when you browse an IPNS site).

FYI, CID are public information even if just add them to your node, that because your node publish CIDs in the Distributed Hash Table so other nodes looking for them can find your node and start downloading the files.

as it is important that the files can be erased

This is not possible, as mathematically impossible. If you send a file to someone, they can just keep a copy and there is no way you can force and be sure that thoses files has been removed.

Actually I lied, it’s possible, you just have to never share your files with anyone (so you must run a private IPFS network with only node in your control or run IPFS in offline mode)

Thanks for the information.
Just to confirm, if I change the ipfs address I am tied to in ipns, the previous CID cannot be referenced, right?