Is this a good place to look for a developer with IPFS expertise?


I operate a Supabase database and need to connect to the IPFS to automatically transfer data (in real time) onto the IPFS.

Is there a developer out there who can assist?




Can you describe the size & nature of the data (total size, filesizes, etc.) and what do you want to do with the data once itโ€™s on IPFS? Do you want to make it available to the public, or just your users, and in what types of use cases? That would help identifying the right people(s) to weigh in and suggest some solutions.

Essentially automatically transfer text-based content from Supabase into the IPFS (in the form of an html file), collect the CID and store the CID in Supabase for further reference and data viewing on a public IPFS gateway. Data size is approx 1,469 bytes per html file.

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