Issues folder disappeared from

Links to issues do not work any longer also


We disabled issues altogether in this repo, but I did not think that links would die. I’ll come up with a solution next week (maybe transferring existing issues). For the moment I have re-enabled it.

Which issue were you trying to open?

I was trying:

Now it’s working again (of course since you rolled back), yesterday it was not

Are you saying that you are going to kill the whole history of ipfs closed issues and only keep the open one?

That would be a big mistake I think, and why are you disabling issues?

No, he’s saying that breaking links was a mistake and he’ll look into moving the closed issues as well.

OK, but why are you removing issues and possible follow-up for existing ones? Issues have always been a strong place to record unforeseen things that could occur in the future, or to solve things that occurred in the past

We were removing the possiblity of opening issues in the /ipfs/ipfs repository because we want to funnel most general IPFS discussions towards this forum, and the current split between ipfs/ipfs, ipfs/notes, ipfs/apps and others is not helping discoverability.

It was and it is not our intention to remove existing issues or follow ups though. At most they will be moved. Sorry, will do better next time!

I am not sure it’s a very good idea, the forum looks more intended for discussions and is probably not as good as github to track issues, I have seen at node (and other projects) many issues resurfacing after years and many old issues useful to solve current problems (or avoid posting again the same issue)

Maybe centralizing everything on something like github/ipfs/issues ?

My opinion…