js-ipfs angular cloudflare, ipfs sometimes got 502 Error

I am using angular, js-ipfs and links from cloudflare.

I am getting data from IPFS in two ways:

First: ipfs.cat(cid),

Second: https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/{{ cid }}

Thing is sometimes I get data from both cloudflare and ipfs.cat but occasionaly only cloudflare returns images and ipfs.cat has 502 Error, and next time I get data from ipfs.cat and cloudflare images are empty. I run browser ipfs node, and I do not have owned ipfs preload node served from any VPN backend application.

Please take a look on my create() method. Also help me with stabilisation IPFS connection,- what should I do more? I have possibility to make own ipfs node on VPN, but it will make any difference? Also I do not want to use any Pinata or Infura IPFS providers.

Below I attached my create method:

this._createIPFSNodePromise = create({
          config: {
            Addresses: {
              Gateway: 'https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/'
            Swarm: {
              ConnMgr: {
                LowWater: 100,
                HighWater: 500,
              DisableNatPortMap: true
          preload: {
            enabled: true, // preload by default, unless in test env
            addresses: [