Js-ipfs: ipfs.files.cat() with /IPFS/ or /IPNS/ prefixed address

In the ipfs/interface-ipfs-core files API documentation:

The example used is:

ipfs.files.cat(ipfsPath, function (err, file) {
  // file will be a stream containing the data of the file requested

Where ipfsPath is described as: ipfsPath can be of type: String, ie. '/ipfs/QmXEmhrMpbVvTh61FNAxP9nU7ygVtyvZA8HZDUaqQCAb66'

In practice (client-side Javascript), I’m getting an error: Non-base58 character when I use ipfs.files.cat()with a /IPFS/ or /IPNS/ prefixed address instead of a multihash. Is there a particular encoding (some sort of bs58 multihash?) for referencing an IPNS published file, or is this still on the TODO list?

Edit: I was able to get /IPFS/ paths to read on the client using a fresh bundle. It looks like a ipfs.name.resolve() command is the missing piece needed to pull this off with /IPNS/

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