Making node respond as when getting files

Hi all! I’ve set up an ipfs node on AWS, and expose a public IP to allow third party apps to contact the REST API server (only for get/post requests) linked to our node (this is just an early stage choice).
Well my question is pretty simple but I don’t know if the answer will be as well.
Suppose that I add a file to ipfs and later want to cat it.
Actually, what I can do is using the following query:

but I see that from, files can be retrieved as follow:

(i’m using - instead of / cause i’m a new user and I can’t post two links)

My question is, Can I set up the node to do the same things done with
Is that a pre built feature? Or it is some mid-layer?
Thanks to everyone who will answer in advance!


the go-ipfs daemon runs two things: one API (on tcp/5001 normally, with /api/v0/… endpoints) and one Gateway (on tcp/8080 normally). is exposing the gateway part of it, which understands the /ipfs/hash paths.

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