Js-ipfs on heroku, is it supposed to work?

I’m trying to setup js-ipfs for a NodeJS app on heroku, but any files I add don’t seem to be available through another gateway (like ipfs.io).

Do the default settings not work for joining the network? When I run js-ipfs in Node, is it not actually talking to any other servers?


i think it’s issue with open port. could you define opened port on heroku ?


I’m not sure how ports are forwarded/blocked/etc. on heroku :frowning: I was hoping js-ipfs would be able to tell if there were issues, but everything seems to work normally (no errors, just can’t retrieve hashes from any other gateway)

locally your code works fine or not ?

yes, and fine on an aws micro server.

IMO that point network / port issue. FOr IPFS there are no error because you can create a network isolate of ipfs.io, you can create a private network so for your node in heroku is your alone node and wait to connect another node on your private networks. I’m sorry i don’t know heroku so i can’t help you how to debug or open that.

I was hoping the WebRTC stuff was able to get around the port restriction, but it doesnt sound like it.