Kubo 0.23.0: Slow propagation of many pinned static pages (like small WikiPedia/media-wiki)

  1. I’ve converted an old media-wiki site to a static site with many pages (24GiB) and pinned it as CIDv1 bafybeieyxmowbfsw46gi3llsbv33t4onumhzpkwxtbzbexo4hm4wumd34m. See:

  2. I’ve followed GitHub - ipfs/distributed-wikipedia-mirror: Putting Wikipedia Snapshots on IPFS and enabled AcceleratedDHTClient and OptimisticProvide. I used filestore instead of flatfs.

First of all, I have some timeout problems with getting pinned pages from the gateways. The main page of the static site opens only after many requests. And my provides are always 0s:

$ ipfs stats provide
TotalProvides:          0
AvgProvideDuration:     0s
LastReprovideDuration:  0s
LastReprovideBatchSize: 0

You can try opening the main page here (images are broken but be prepared to NSFW content just in case):

  1. Lurkmore | зеркало лурк Lurkmore
  2. https://bafybeieyxmowbfsw46gi3llsbv33t4onumhzpkwxtbzbexo4hm4wumd34m.ipfs.cf-ipfs.com
  3. https://bafybeieyxmowbfsw46gi3llsbv33t4onumhzpkwxtbzbexo4hm4wumd34m.ipfs.dweb.link

The main page becomes cached on the gateways because it is frequently requested but all the other pages still return timeouts. Try clicking some links (except images) and you will most probably get a timeout error.

My question is: How to make this static site work without long timeouts? Like https://en.wikipedia-on-ipfs.org.

Here is an IPFS-CHECK: