Kubo (formerly go-ipfs) v0.14.0 Release is out!

Kubo (formerly go-ipfs) v0.14.0

This release is when the long awaited Kubo rename finally happen! :tada:
It also contains a new delegated routing option, allowing to use external services / processes for routing.

For thoses who missed go-ipfs v0.13.1 this also contain the same dag import DOS vector fixes.

Full Release Notes: Release v0.14.0 · ipfs/kubo · GitHub
Downloads: IPFS Distributions


Can that reframe stuff be used for submitting your CIDs to central server? I see FindProviders Method but nothing like ProvideCID, you can only submit IPNS.

The reframe API only support fetching provider records for now.

Publishing was not yet worked on because the DHT doesn’t let you publish on the behalf of someone else.
So we still have question about how is that gonna work.

offline workflow is good enough for me. Use CLI to get list of all hosted CIDs and then some nodejs script to upload them.