Notes on Reframe which is now available in Kubo 0.14

With the release of Release v0.14.0 · ipfs/kubo · GitHub


  • Scaling a larger IPFS architecture by splitting responsibilities, e.g. running two accelerated DHT clients kubo nodes and delegating content routing request from other nodes to them,
  • Another way to look at the previous point: you can break your gateway into microservices, i.e., separate DHT fetching.

In browsers

  • js-ipfs doesn’t support Reframe yet
  • Reframe open the window to routing from the browser with Reframe and content retrieval with Bitswap over WSS
  • No content routing in the browser currently except for the Legacy Delgated Routing which relies on the Kubo RPC API).
  • In the future, along with WebTransport the browser story is even better as it lowers the barrier to entry for Kubo nodes to communicate with browsers directly (no need for a TLS certificate and PKI). This would enable Reframe content routing and WebTransport content retrieval.

What are your thoughts? Have I missed anything?


Another use case is lowering the barrier for experimenting with novel DHT implementations and other routing systems: it no longer requires forking and compiling Kubo, or having any type of approval from Kubo team.

Makes such experimentation more inclusive, too: someone can run a public Reframe endpoint, and other community members can add it to Routing.Routers in Kubo config and see how it behaves in different contexts (Docker, Desktop, Brave). A good starting point for someone willing to experiment is someguy (a demo reframe server by @adin), which proxies requests to the IPFS Public DHT and an Indexer node.

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