Libp2p DHT causes crash in js-ipfs

I need some help debugging the js-libp2p DHT

I’m running orbit-db with js-ipfs, and when I enable the DHT in libp2p, the entire node app freezes 2 seconds after opening.
Here’s an example log output of one of the runs:

The nodejs app is the orbit-db-http-api, and I’m running tests against it with the python api client.

I’ve got DEBUG=* set, and the logs for the Nodejs instance are at the bottom, the python HTTP client at the top.

Can anyone make any recommendations on how to debug this further, because I can’t make heads or tails of why it just abruptly stops responding?
All the tests work just fine with the DHT disabled except for the ones that use DHT functions.

I feel your pain! We want to get this stable and enabled by default in js-ipfs as soon as possible but there’s a few dependencies that need to be satisfied before it can land. See for info.

For this, I recommend you open an issue on

Note also that that there’s now a libp2p specific discussion forum at