OrbitDB open public db

I have forced with problem in my p2p database orbitdb. Everything works fine while I did not move the database to another server.

const ipfsOptions = {
    repo: './ipfs'
const ipfs = await IPFS.create(ipfsOptions)
const orbitdb = await OrbitDB.createInstance(ipfs, { directory: './orbitdb' })

try {
    publicDB = await orbitdb.open("/orbitdb/zdpuB2kVAbJEk1aZBeeKcwz2ehfDaMWi3upkD3ZHwb15zesLF/hub")
} catch (err) {

I created an orbit db on another computer and wanted to open from my computer, but it doesn’t work, got TimeoutError: request timed out.

TimeoutError: request timed out
    at maybeThrowTimeoutError (D:\Source\iprs-node\node_modules\ipfs-core-utils\cjs\src\with-timeout-option.js:35:15)
    at D:\Source\iprs-node\node_modules\ipfs-core-utils\cjs\src\with-timeout-option.js:78:9
    at runNextTicks (internal/process/task_queues.js:60:5)
    at processTimers (internal/timers.js:497:9)
    at async Object.read (D:\Source\iprs-node\node_modules\orbit-db-io\index.js:59:17)
    at async OrbitDB.open (D:\Source\iprs-node\node_modules\orbit-db\src\OrbitDB.js:452:22)
    at async initOrbit (D:\Source\iprs-node\services\orbitdb\index.js:26:20)
    at async initAll (D:\Source\iprs-node\index.js:9:5) {
  code: 'ERR_TIMEOUT'

Does anyone know how to fix it? Or enlighten me, how this works?

What do you mean by “move the database to another server” ?
I guess that the node in your code is trying to open a database that is not available for no one is replicating the database you are requesting.

Is that your situation? If this is the case, you could try to connect the current server node to the old-node storing the database you would like to replicate in your current server node