Libp2p-js: Nodejs listener + Browser Dialer

Hey all! I’m trying to get a IoT stack up and running with libp2p but I am having some trouble with the networking stack. Basically, all the tutorials I have found so far have nodejs applications connecting to other NodeJS applications, and browser applications connecting to other browser applications. What I want to do is run a “server” via libp2p on a raspberry pi and then connect to it with a progressive web app. Unfortunately, I don’t really know where to start other than attempting to use some of the WebRTC transports. I’ve posted an issue on the issues pages of libp2p-js, but I haven’t heard anything: If anyone has written some code similar to what I outlined above, I would love to take a look because I can’t seem to get things talking.


maybe you try this project : or see how to use that into your project.


@josselinchevalay thanks! I’ll take a look at the repo! I appreciate the help!