LIBP2P tutorials, examples, and source code

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I work on the project and since we have some real-time/multiplayer needs I thought it would be great for the ecosystem if we started to use LIBP2P in Slate. One thing that is cool is that the entire Slate project is open source here: so people can learn from our implementation and see it in a production application. We’re going to use whatever we use here to replace our implementation here:

I had an awesome time learning from @vasco-santos, Gozala and @adin, and others, there is a lot for me to catch up on. We were able to get the starting point to these three example repositories:

We can go the WebRTC route

We can stay the websocket route

We follow this example

Bonus: There is another zero-config example from Carson at Textile!

Question for the community:

Are there any other starter repos I should look at, or examples in production? It would be extremely helpful, thanks for the time :slight_smile:

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I ended up discovering this example here and it was incredible Kickoff your application with js-libp2p - DEV Community

Leaving it for people in case they need help!

Hi! I have a short article about libp2p basics here: Write Decentralized Applications in JavaScript — Libp2p Basics | by Laszlo Fazekas | JavaScript in Plain English and here is a GitHub repo for it: js-libp2p-browser-chat , a simple chat app.