Limit Bandwith of IPFS | Nodejs

Hello World !

I need to use for a decentralized project. But IPFS consumes far too much bandwidth. This discourages my potential users.

Is it possible to limit the bandwidth to 50/60Kb/s?


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Bandwidth limiting is an open issue for go-ipfs as well, but there are workarounds:

  • Most of ambient traffic is caused by your node being an active DHT server. Try running the daemon with ipfs daemon --routing=dhtclient to disable it. (not sure if js-ipfs supports this flag, may be only go-ipfs)

  • If that is not enough, you may want to use third-party userspace bandwidth shaper such as trickle:

    trickle -s -u 50 -d 50 ipfs daemon --routing=dhtclient

    This will work for both go-ipfs and js-ipfs nodes.


I have tried using ‘trickle’ and also the --routing option to no avail. For me go-ipfs refuses to do anything other than just hog massive bandwith even when sitting idle. For me this is a deal-breaker. There is no way i can use IPFS until this issue is solved, and personally i don’t think anyone has solved it yet.