Linking data on IPFS

Hello IPFS community,

I am working on a project using IPFS. It is a fairly simple website containing material related to a series of (art) exhibitions. Using IPFS in this case is more a conceptual choice, to draw attention to alternative/new ways of distributing digital content, than a absolute practical necessity. The frontend is a SPA that pulls the content from IPFS.

Getting the actual content (text, images, audio, video) onto IPFS is not that complicated. My question concerns how to link the pieces of content together.

The structure I have in mind is something like this:

Index => Exhibition => Work

Where Index is a single object while Exhibitions and Work are multiples. So, a tree.

What would be the IPFS way of doing this?

I have looked into using IPDB or orbit-db, but I would prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

I am thinking to use JSON documents with links.

Is IPLD applicable to this?

Thankful for any pointers!

I’d definitely put the actual content (videos, etc.) into IPFS. If you just need to organize it into a tree structure, just use IPFS directories (/index/exhibition/work/).

If you need a complex structure with metadata, tags, indexes, etc. and want to do it the correct way, you should consider storing that information in IPLD. However, you could probably store this information in JSON files within IPFS if you’re short on time and just want something that works.

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