Losing Access to Uploaded File

We have installed Command-line, and sent the file to IPFS.IO via terminal. But after a few days, we can no longer visit the file. How do we resolve this issue?

IPFS.io will only cache files. It doesn’t pin them for you AFAIK.

Then,how to save files in remote server?

In general, you need to pay someone to store your content. You can use a pinning service like pinata or a service that will run an IPFS node for you like INFURA.

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We and our users have established cluster nodes. But, it’s quite unstable for cloud gaming. Data exchanging speed and completeness of files can’t be secured. We thought, mistakenly, IPFS has an official node, so we can make sure the game won’t stop work due to failure to retrieve resources. Now, we see that we should actually consider Filecoin or other 3rd party services to keep our program stable. Is that so?