What are the different ways to pin data permanently on IPFS apart from having own server/node?

How can we pin the data permanently on IPFS apart from having our own node/server in the network.

If we use a third party service to pin the data like https://www.eternum.io/, how can we rely on third party and also if we don’t want to reveal data to the outside world?

Please suggest some good ideas.


Eventually, to store something “permanently”, someone will have to host it, either you or someone else.

Pinata.cloud is a third-party service allowing that.

I you don’t trust the sincerity of this third party (you believe they will snoop on data and track you), encrypt you file before uploading, and use TOR for the upload.

If you don’t trust them for storing “permanently”, use several concurrent services.

Or you can convince friends to host the data, but… you have to trust your friends…