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I was trying to come up with an idea for a service that I could provide to this community that was within my skillset and this is what I came up with.

I could provide a maintained list of all known DNS Links. If anyone reports a DNS Link domain that I do not have recorded here than I will add it to the list above. I will check each of domain periodically and remove the ones from the list that become inactive. Additionally I will pin each entry and recursively update the pin from time to time providing that it not infeasibly too large for me to do so.

So please, if you know of any active DNS Link domains that are not represented here, comment down below.

Every neocities subdomain

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As for neocities, thanks for the lead. I had no idea that neocities using ipfs was a thing. Not sure if I’m going to add that to my list since it’s already all gathered to gather nicely in one place. But maybe I’ll try to see how much of it I can host since it was very slow to load when I tried to access the content through my ipfs node.

edit neocities sites don’t seem to want to load for me through my ipfs node.