Decentralized Web Primer: the beginnings of an IPFS book

Last night in Philadelphia we ran an IPFS workshop using three chapters from the Decentralized Web Primer (see the gitbook or the source code). The primer is unfinished, but the three chapters we used are ready to test.

Here’s a list of the chapters/tutorials we used last night:

That page is from the series of “Decentralized Data Workshops” that I’ve run with Jadrian Miles (@jadrian on github) as part of the dat jawn mentorship project we’re running here in Philadelphia through Code for Philly.

I’ve got big plans for the rest of the primer. Check out the book’s Table of Contents. which gives you an outline of what we’ll be putting together.

Based on observing what the participants ran into last night, I have a bunch of notes on things I want to tweak/improve in the primer. I’ll add those to the github issues for the decentralied-web-primer repository.


That’s great! Thanks for linking this.

Following, nice to see the advance. :slight_smile:

I’ve been scouring the ipfs sites (mostly gh) on how to get from registering a domain name … all the way to getting it to forward to an ipfs path (via gateway?) … to getting ipfs to resolve the dns domain.

This book seems to be the right place for this tutorial.

I’ve been wanting to write an online book (using a static site generator) on how to write an online book using a static site generator…

Just registering the domain name was an unfriendly experience. I’ve been looking for a how-to on modifying the dns record properly.

Ipfs command docs (or inline comments in the code) mention ‘dig’ command before ‘ipfs name…’ command, but there are crucial steps missing for the newbie.

Is this gitbook tutorial still a going concern? I’m confused about the meaning of the “legacy.” subdomain.

Hi very good book but is incomplete.What happened ?