Make 'likes' more visually distinguishable on the page

Is it possible to tweak the css so that ‘likes’ show up more prominently on the page? When I scan a Github issue it’s easy to see which comments have been ‘liked’ because the reaction icons are in a bright color. By contrast, on discourse the ‘like’ count is the same pale grey as all of the action links at the bottom of every comment. A comment with zero likes looks pretty much the same as a comment with 20 likes.

Is it easy to change this in the discourse css?

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It should be possible to add custom CSS at /admin/customize/css_html, for example:

.post-controls button.has-like { color: #f92600 !important; }

produces vibrant heart:

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Tried adding that but matches nothing. Seems there is no elements with .has-like, at least what I can see in Firefox…

I think .has-like is set if you yourself liked it.

This might work

.post-controls {
  color: #f92600;

colour might need a change.

I see below the first post in this topic, so either you fixed it, or it took some time for browser to load updated CSS.

Either way :thumbsup: