Dark Theme for the Forum?

White background that the forum has is eye-straining. Other discourse forums have dark theme available. Can admins enable the option to choose the dark theme for this forum, too?

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I have enabled a setting that automatically switches to dark-color palette when device/browser dark-mode is detected.

However, on mobile, the posts background is white so I’m not sure it works very well…

Scratch that, I disabled it just in case. But I enabled some checkboxes to allow the users to select a few color palettes (including dark ones). So that should be possible somewhere in your settings. Can you try it out?


This is sooo much better, thank you!

yo thanks so much. much easier on the eyes now!

Ohh that’s nice!
I’d consider putting it on dark by default :slight_smile:

@hector thank you very much!

The “IPFS dark view” option is much better for me, not to mention representing the IPFS branding colors remarkably well.

I recommend the “Just Black” theme of Chrome. And I’m on ubuntu, so I have everything I ever see set to dark. …but I can go to a website with pure white background and it still shows up dark for me! I love it.

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