Dark mode for IPFS Desktop

how can dark mode be configured

You can use “Dark Reader” browser plugin. It’s the best way I’ve found for this. Forces all web pages to be darker.

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there are lots of band-aids, but native is the way to go. i won’t look anything that doesn’t have dark mode unless its through a band-aid that has been vetted, and he vetting takes time so the program wants to be really special. just include it

Right, I’m the same way. I will not ever just install random plugins and crap on my machine either. Also like you I won’t view anything in white background period full stop. My monitor is so huge, I’d need sunglasses. lol. I’m pretty sure Dark Reader is safe, but your point is well taken. Chrome itself now has a dark theme, but I had issues with it and switched back to the Dark Reader. Anyway, this is kinda off topic from IPFS, but fun fodder for nerds nonetheless. :slight_smile:

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If someone is interested in working on this, first tackle dark mode for ipfs-webui, then we could trigger it globally in ipfs-desktop via electron hooks.

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Better than sunglasses is gas welding goggles. In the early days they wanted it to look like (white) paper, but it seems people are slowly starting to realise that they are burning their eyes out. If lawyers get creative we will be seeing some class actions and corporate compensation payouts for visual impairment.