WebApp mode (widget-less and tab-less) for web browsers

The following implementation would ease on distributing WebApps in general more prolific on desktops, be it self hosted or on remote server.
If this will be standard in most web browsers, it will save developers the need of bundling IPFS Desktop into an Electron app and call it done.

As a given, we have a traditional web browser.


Case 1: Toggle menu.
Open Web Browser.
Open IPFS Desktop login screen. (asuming we have such screen)
Right click.
Open as webapp.

Case 2: .desktop launcher for Linux desktops: (notice X-Type)

[Desktop Entry]
Name=IPFS Desktop
Comment=An unobtrusive and user-friendly desktop application for IPFS

Upon activation, a window of Web Browser will be opened.

  1. The window will not have widgets, or just a little amount of widgets necessary.
  2. The window will not have tabs.
  3. The taskbar icon will not be the one of Web Browser, rather the icon will be the one set by the .desktop launcher (Case 2) or favicon (Case 1).

This is an idea I’m desired to have it since 2016.
Further reading at Type=Webapp (#62) · Issues · xdg / desktop-file-utils

Please tell me what do you think.
Thank you.

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