Marketing / community idea: RPi or USB stick NFT content

I’m a member of SongADAO, Jonathan Mann’s DAO + Colorado collective. See for more info.

On Dec 31st, 2021, Jonathan minted his entire back catalog of CC0 songs as NFTs, including artwork, audio, and video content.

This is about 11GB of content, and used a combination of tools including NFT Storage to persist it.

Now, Jonathan creates, mints, and auctions a new song every day.

My idea is to get the ~11GB back catalog downloaded and put on either a Raspberry Pi or similar mini-computer OR a USB stick, and combine it with educational material and send it out to all holders of SongADay NFTs — teaching them about IPFS, running a local node, and actively participating in the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystems.

Some stretch goals:

Building a small local first web app to browse the content to bundle with it could be interesting. eG a Shuffle Music player or other explorer, and/or modifying the existing website so it can run fully offline.

A way to monitor eg a smart contract so that the daily new songs are also locally downloaded / pinned.

This could be extended to any NFT community, and would be especially interesting for those with heavier audio and video content.

Hic Et Nunc on Tezos had the front end app taken down — but like 11Tb of content was persisted on IPFS. A way for eg individual artists to equip their holders with a way to pin all their content locally might be interesting.

Working with a large art portal to reduce their bandwidth bills by having users “subscribe” to new artwork that for synced could be interesting.

Next Steps:

This would need to be taken on by someone to figure out how to do it, see if sourcing and equipping RPis is possible, and beta testing the process with home users.

A grant proposal submitted somewhere, maybe Filecoin Foundation.

I’m happy to support / advise such a project and can connect with Jonathan Mann (no relation!).

I have no idea if this category is the right one for this, or where the best place to share such a marketing / grant proposal thing. Mods, feel free to move

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