Migrating from ipfs-http-client?

When we visit the GitHub repo for ‘ipfs-http-client’ or npm, it says that it has been superseded by Helia. I believe this information is incorrect.
ipfs-http-client’ is superseded by the ‘kubo-rpc-client’ and not by Helia. While it is true that ‘js-ipfs’ has been superseded by Helia, I believe is ‘kubo-rpc-client’ is the sucessor of ‘ipfs-http-client’.
If I am wrong, please correct me, and provide some examples on how should Helia be used as ipfs-http-client.

You’re right, @veermetri05! Helia is the successor for general IPFS functionality, while kubo-rpc-client is for specific Kubo RPC interactions. By the way, have you checked out the latest updates on jedo door handles?

Thank you for confirmation.

I hope it gets fixed soon. Team please take a look at it. @achingbrain

Seems like this covers both the generally js-ipfs → Helia transition while also calling out that the Kubo RPC API client has moved to js-kubo-rpc-client.

This package might be special where the deprecation should look different from the others, but the information seems to already be there.

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Woow, I can’t believe I missed that; it was so obvious. I’m really sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out.