Was the --to-files option added to js-ipfs?

Hello, does anyone know if the --to-files option added to ipfs add in kubo v0.16 was implemented to ipfs-http-client & js-ipfs?

Because the options list has not been updated on the GitHub doc, hence I’m wondering js-ipfs/FILES.md at master · ipfs/js-ipfs · GitHub

The --to-files option has not added to js-ipfs.

I suggest checking out the following blog post about the state of IPFS in JS. Specifically, the section about Go and JS Development Decoupling.

The TL;DR relevant here:

  • If you want to control a Kubo node via JS, use the Kubo-specific library js-kubo-rpc-client
    (instead of ipfs-http-client). Eventually, this library should add support for --to-files seeing as it’s part of Kubo’s RPC API.
  • pomegrante may include this functionality somewhere down the line.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the reply, the option is indeed mentioned in the Kubo RPC API doc.

One thing I wonder, is the js-kubo-rpc-client currently usable in the same fashion as the ipfs-http-client?
More precisely, can we assume that the Core API is already supported by js-kubo-rpc-client, and that command can be sent the same way, e.g. ipfs.files.cp() ?

I’m asking that because as to what I could read, the work on js-kubo-rpc-client is not finished yet, full integration of core API components not certain, and the doc not written yet.

Thus, given the lack of doc, I could go and wonder that --to-files would be toFiles and all the other command be operated as with ipfs-http-client, but if the underlying Regular Files API is not fully operational in the js-kubo-rpc-client then I’ve got an issue.

Same for the MFS files API,Key, Name, and other Core API Components. In that case, I would be forced to stick with ipfs-http-client.

Should be – it is literally a very fresh fork of ipfs-http-client that now Kubo-only and goes its own way (see Create js-kubo-rpc-client library · Issue #9125 · ipfs/kubo · GitHub for timeline and more info).

If you want to see --to-files implemented in js-kubo-rpc-client sooner than later, PR against GitHub - ipfs/js-kubo-rpc-client: A client library for the Kubo RPC API is welcome.

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