Mobile (Android): Discourse application can not log in (can not 'connect')

GitHub-based authentication fails.

Similar failures for username-based authentication:

Clear & reset is not a workaround.

Username-based authentication does work on Android (5.0 here) with Firefox Beta and with Firefox.

Hmm. I don’t have an android phone so I can’t reproduce this on my side. @lgierth @VictorBjelkholm do either of you have a way to test this?

username auth works for me on android+firefox

The internet says this has to do with trust levels :

It might be that it works for me because I’m admin.

Still no go with Discourse app. Neither authentication method works. Instead I’m writing with Chrome (on the same phone).

Today for the first time, the Discourse application connected :thumbsup:

Server-side, has anything changed in the last seventeen or eighteen days?

Perhaps a new beta was deployed? You can check currently running version in HTML header:

<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 1.8.0.beta9 - version 8e23b7fbc95c780c9a0d561b7c32ba5af56db3ca">

No, no changes have been deployed so not sure what’s changed…

But as @hector said, could be about trust levels, some of them have time-limits you need to have your account before upgraded. Now you seem to be on “Basic User” level, but don’t understand why that would affect the login with the Discourse application…

Thanks. I Googled, there are other reports of the bug.

@Discourse, in chronological order: